Return to Luna
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Table of Contents:

"Visual Silence" by M.C. Chambers - The Grand Prize Winner
"Black Ice" by F.R.R. Mallory
"In Their Own Words" by Brenta Blevins
"Apples on the Moon" by Karen T. Smith
"Best Gift" by Brandon Bell
"Growing Season in Mare Frigoris" by Benjamin Abbott
"Coping Mechanisms" by Gerri Leen
"Joe the Martian Goes To The Moon" by Ken Edgett
"Final Arrangements" by J.M. Fisher
"One Last Haul" by Mark J. Soppet
"Ménage à Trois" by Gustavo Bondoni
"The Return" by David Schibi
"The Platinum Desolation" by Andrew Barton
"Coyote and the Gamblers" by Shauna Roberts
"Book of the Dead" by Sarah A. Eastly
"Misdirected" by Adam Israel
"Inherit the Wind" by Fran Van Cleave
"This Time to Stay" by Matthew Pavletich

Return to Luna short story contest, jointly run by the National Space
Society and Hadley Rille Books, had open submissions from February 28,
2008, through June 15, 2008.  We received many fine stories and we thank
all the authors who entered.

The readers and jurors included: Tobias S. Buckell, Michael A. Burstein, Rob
Darnell, Tom Dupree, Jude-Marie Green, Jay Lake, Geoffrey A. Landis,
Christopher McKitterick, Eric T. Reynolds, Lawrence M. Schoen,
Allen Steele, Ian Randal Strock.
Cover art (c) Walter Myers

From the Introduction by George T. Whitesides and Eric T. Reynolds:

You are returning from a hike in the Moon's Apennine Mountains, following a
trail of bootprints back to the settlement.  For two days your suit has protected
you on your journey through the lunar wilderness, a hike unlike any on Earth.
You have scaled mountains, traversed craters, rappelled down massive
boulders.  And now you've crested the last hill and the valley spreads out
before you where the glittering complex awaits beneath the afternoon sun.  
You are home.

Life on the Moon has been romanticized for generations.  But not until the
1960s did we finally set a definite goal to venture to our nearest neighbor...
What will be the reality of living there?  When will humans finally begin to build
settlements on Earth’s closest neighbor?
Book specifications:
Title: Return to Luna
Edited by: Eric T. Reynolds
Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches

Number of pages: 264

ISBN-13: 978-0-9819243-2-8

Trade Paperback Cover price: $15.95

Edited by Eric T. Reynolds
Foreword by Harrison H. Schmitt
Introduction by George T. Whitesides
Release Date: December 5, 2008
Publisher: Hadley Rille Books | Amazon, | Barnes & Noble | Boomerang Books