Transcendence - Christopher McKitterick
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Cover art (c) Greg Martin,

Cover design: Melissa J. Lytton
Book specifications:
Title: Transcendence
Author: Christopher McKitterick
Publisher and imprint: Hadley Rille Books
Number of pages: 408
Dimensions: 6" by 9"
Hardcover ISBN: pending
Cover price: pending
To be released: Fall 2010
 —Algis Budrys, Pilgrim and Solstice award-winning author of Who?
and Rogue Moon.

A gorgeous cyberpunk/space opera/coming-of-age/new-wave
philosophical action novel.
 —Kij Johnson, Nebula and World Fantasy award-winning author of
The Fox Woman and Fudoki.

This is the kind of book our genre needs more of.
 —George Zebrowski, Campbell Award-winning author of Brute Orbits.

This may be the new New Space Opera - contemporary
realities meet future possibilities.
 —James Gunn, Damon Knight Grand Master and Hugo and Pilgrim award-winning
author of
The Road to Science Fiction and The Listeners.
Christopher McKitterick is Associate Director (with James Gunn and Kij Johnson)
of the
Center for the Study of Science Fiction.  He has published in Analog, Artemis,
Captain Proton, E-Scape, Extrapolation, Locus, Mythic Circle
and many others.