Journey through the clouds of Jupiter, across the frozen wastes of a
planetesimal in a distant star's Kuiper Belt, beneath a far off planet's galaxy-
filled sky, over the rocky bluffs of Mars.  Planets, stars, nebula.  Desolate
landscapes, robots, a giant artificial menace.  Fascinating depictions from space,
imagined by great artists of today and yesterday.  Tales set in those universes as
told by some of SF's greatest authors.  It's a tribute to space art by those who
practice and those who imagine.
Beautiful works of space art by

Frank Wu * Delphyne Joan Hanke-Woods * Joe Tucciarone * Wolf Read
Frank R. Paul * Ron Miller * Michael Carroll * Bob Eggleton
Chesley Bonestell.
Fantastic original stories by

Tobias S. Buckell * Michael A. Burstein * Rich Chwedyk * Willis Couvillier
Tom Dupree * Jude-Marie Green * Jay Lake * Paul E. Martens
Will McDermott * Christopher McKitterick * Ron Miller * G. David Nordley
Mike Resnick * Lawrence M. Schoen * Justin Stanchfield * James Van Pelt
Trent Walters * Frank Wu.
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Each story is accompanied by the
work of space art on which it's
"Cruising on Io" by Bob Eggleton,  "Io, Robot" by Tobias S. Buckell
Visual Journeys
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