Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
Just a few authors, artists, and editors published by Hadley Rille Books:

Sheila Finch, Arthur C. Clarke, Charles Pellegrino, Joan Slonczewski, Pamela Sargent, James Gunn, Frederik Pohl,
Jude-Marie Green, Mike Resnick, Z.S. Adani, Robert Sheckley, Camille Alexa, Christopher McKitterick, George Zebrowski,
Heather McDougal, Jay Lake, Pat Cadigan, James Van Pelt, Terri-Lynne DeFino, Gregory Benford, Jenny Blackford,
Brenda Cooper, Isaac Asimov, Michael A. Burstein, Howard Waldrop, Terry Bisson, Karin Rita Gastreich, Sara Genge,
Kim Vandervort, Richard Chwedyk, Robert A. Heinlein, Damien Broderick, Eric T. Reynolds, Gerri Leen, Shauna Roberts,
Sandra McDonald, Brandon H. Bell, Elizabeth Bear, M.C. Chambers, Jack Williamson, Lawrence M. Schoen, A.A. Jackson IV,
Allen Steele, Tom Dupree, Ginger Prewitt, Stephen Baxter, Russell Blackford, Chesley Bonestell, Michael Carroll, Lezli Robyn
Kimberly Todd Wade, Delphyne, Bob Eggleton, Erich Hernandes-Baquero, Debbie Hughes, Guillaume Le Tual, Trent Walters
Rachael Mayo, Ron Miller, Walter Myers, Frank R. Paul, Wolf Read, Joe Tucciarone, Frank Wu, Jesse Smolover, Rob Darnell
Greg Martin, Aurélien Police, Edward Norden, M.S. Corley, Gregg Cestaro, R.L. Long, G. David Nordley, Justin Stanchfield
Christopher Fletcher, Tobias S. Buckell, Caren Gussoff, Lancer Kind, Lavid Tidhar, Alastair Mayer, Rudy Rucker,
Wendy Waring, Fran Van Cleave, Wendy S. Delmater

Just a few publications that have reprinted our stories:
Year's Best SF 12, edited by David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer
The Year's Best Science Fiction series, edited by Gardner Dozois
Ad Astra (periodical of The National Space Society)
Galaxies (translated into French)
Several podcast publishers

Just a few publications that have reviewed our stories:
Publishers Weekly
Library Journal
National Historical Society
SF Signal