Life Without Crows
by Gerri Leen
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"The stories are full of voice and cleverness."
- Brenda Cooper

"You'll be hearing a lot more from Gerri Leen."  
- Mike Resnick

"Gerri Leen is about to lead you on one heck of a journey."  
- Dayton Ward

"Delivers hours of fascinating reading."  
- Z.S. Adani

Journey to faraway places: Spain, where a priest faces a
beautiful, undead foe that will test his faith.  Venice, where two
magical hunters search for a cursed dagger.  The waters off
Panama as Sir Francis Drake plans his final raid.

Go back to the beginning: Golden Age Greece and a Persephone
who has come to enjoy her sojourn in Hades.  Old Testament era
Israel, where an old woman finds herself battling the devotion of
a young daughter-in-law. Stone age Africa as a young
Australopithecus Afarensis navigates her dangerous world.

Travel to the future:  A distant planet as two enemies find
themselves stranded on a desolate planet and must cooperate to
survive.  Kentucky, where genetic modifications have resulted in
racehorses that manage their own careers.  The Moon and a
lunar base psychiatrist who has to battle her own demons as
well as everyone else's.

Sink into two dozen stories that range from dark to light, fantasy
to everyday, short-shorts to novelettes. Many have been
published in anthologies and magazines; others are appearing here
for the first time.
Cover Art: "The Song of Eternity”
copyright (c) Richard Kirsten Daiensai

Illustrated by Maggie Middleton
Title: Life Without Crows
by Gerri Leen
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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