The new novel by Shauna Roberts:

Within the walls of ancient Uruk on the bank of the Euphrates, more
than fifty thousand people live, love, work, and play, ruled over by King
Gilgamesh and protected by their patron goddess, Inanna.

But civilization is precarious. At any moment, the armies of other cities
could fall upon them, a spring flood could wash away the city, famine
could strike, or, the Sumerians believe, the capricious and vengeful
gods could punish any or all for the sins of a few.

Although the tall, strong, and handsome Gilgamesh epitomizes manly
physical perfection, in other ways he falls far short. His subjects fear
him, and for good reason, because he has become a bored and
restless tyrant.

The people cry out to the gods for relief. The elegant, sophisticated
priestess Shamhat fears Gilgamesh's growing wildness will attract the
wrath of the gods. She wants to protect Inanna and her temple, as well
as free the people of Uruk from Gilgamesh's oppression, but she fears
the repercussions for her and her son if she acts against the
out-of-control king.

Then word comes to Uruk of a wild man living in the desert, a man the
equal of Gilgamesh in size and strength. The king thinks the wild man
can relieve his boredom and restlessness and sends someone to bring
him back to court. But the person he has chosen, Shamhat, has her
own agenda: She believes the wild man can humble the arrogant king.

Enkidu the wild man becomes a pawn in the struggle between
Gilgamesh and Shamhat, and the future of Uruk hangs in the balance.
Cover art (c) Debbie Hughes
Book specifications:
Title: Like Mayflies in a Stream
Author: Shauna Roberts
Publisher and imprint: Hadley Rille Books
Number of pages: 196
Dimensions: 5.5" by 8.5"
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9825140-1-6
Trade paperback ISBN: 978-0-9825140-0-9
Cover price: HC $24.95, TPB $11.95
Release date: October 5, 2009
Like Mayflies in a Stream
by Shauna Roberts
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Advance Praise:

An exciting and very human story, set in a fascinating time and place—the
dawn of civilization—all brought expertly to life.
--Kim Stanley Robinson

Crisp writing and fascinating characters make Like Mayfiles in a Stream a
compelling read.
--Sabrina Jeffries

A totally fascinating, engrossing, and absorbing story...
--Lynna Banning

An impressive evocation of a fascinating time and place. Shauna Roberts
is a gifted writer...
--Laura Joh Rowland

Roberts's historical fiction will give you a sense of the long and rich history
of the 'cradle of civilization.'
--Richard L. Zettler, Associate Professor, Near Eastern Languages &
Civilization, University of Pennsylvania
A Hadley Rille Books
Archaeology Series Novel
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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