Ruins Extraterrestrial (anthology)
Edited by Eric T. Reynolds
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We've landed, and across the valley, standing sharply against the distant gray range,
are the blocky white ruins.  The early probes had only provided us low-resolution
glimpses of their alien architecture.  We are eager to explore, but we must be careful.
 Kicking around in an abandoned extraterrestrial complex could be analogous to a
curious prehistoric human poking around an abandoned twentieth century steel mill.  
One wrong move and the early human encounters disastrous results.  Even the best
trained future archaeologist, intrigued by the towering spires of Epsilon Eridani, must
first perform careful analysis by remote sensing to determine the properties of the
structures.  Best to have an idea of what's there before treading on grounds that last
had activity when our ancestors first discovered fire.

Stories by:

Camille Alexa, "Inclusions"
Paul L. Bates, "Flies"
Sue Blalock, "Charybdis"
Gustavo Bondoni, "Borrowed Time"
Willis Couvillier, "Heartcry"
Jennifer Crow, "Among the Shards of Heaven"
Tristan S. Davenport, "The Price of Peace"
Jack Hillman, "Planetfall"
Davin Ireland, "Combustible Eden"
Robert B. Marcus, Jr., "Memories"
Cheryl McCreary, "When All is Known"
Christopher McKitterick, "The Empty Utopia"
Rob Riel, "Red City"
Jonathan Shipley, "Song of the Child-Prophet"
Doug Smith, "Jigsaw"
Justin Stanchfield, "Beyond the Wall"
Ted Stetson, "I, Fixit"
Elizabeth Kate Switaj, "Introduction to the Findings of Team 150B-T.2U by Raiden
Mesc Gerarti"
Lavie Tidhar, "The Fateful Voyage of the Madame Liberté"
Trent Walters, "Inheritance"
Wendy Waring, "Stonework"
Suanne Warr, "Watcher in the Dark"
Harvey Welles and Philip Raines, "The Dam"
Cover Art copyright (c) Guillaume Le Tual
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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