Song of the Swallow
by K.L. Townsend
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Cover art, Li Cheng
Book specifications:
Title: Song of the Swallow
Author: K.L. Townsend
Book details: forthcoming
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Publisher: Hadley Rille Books
To be released: 2010
"I certainly hope Townsend writes more such novels, as there’s an eager
reader here waiting for them."
- Karen Szymczyk, Cascadia Subduction Zone literary review magazine

Like most young women in late 13th century China, Feiyan dreams of living a
respectable life, finding a good husband, and honoring her family. Only those
dreams end when she is swept from her home to become one of Emperor
Duzong's many concubines. As she struggles to adjust to her new
environment, she is befriended by the enigmatic Hu Yuxiu, who helps Feiyan
navigate the murky waters of court life, the tedious rules of entertainment, and
the hardships of foot binding. Feiyan grows to know the dismal existence
between palace walls, the long days of waiting and long nights of limbo.

Until Yuxiu shows her a booklet that changes her life forever.

Yuxiu teaches Feiyan "nushu," a secret script that introduces Feiyan into a
strange new world of intrigue, deception, and hidden agendas. But beyond the
script and the mysteries it contains, Feiyan and Yuxiu form a dangerous bond,
becoming "sworn sisters" while earning the suspicion of the court itself. For
these are dangerous times, times of war and distrust, as Khubilai Khan creeps
closer to the sacred walls of Imperial Palace in Hangzhou. In a time where
every whisper counts, rumors of treason fill the court, and Feiyan and Yuxiu
find themselves at its center.

Now, on the eve of the collapse of the Song Dynasty, Feiyan finds herself at a
crossroads and must choose: follow her heart or serve her emperor.

And in the end, perhaps find herself along the way.
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
A Hadley Rille Books
Archaeology Series Novel
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