The Northern Queen
by Kim Vandervort

The new novel of the series that began with The Song and the Sorceress
Praise for The Song and the Sorceress.

"This coming-of-age epic maintains its dramatic tension from the first
scene...Vandervort's dynamic characters, surprising story turns, and
unabashed romance will leave readers eager to follow the continued
adventures of this sword-wielding princess."

"VERDICT For fantasy readers who like strong-willed and determined
Library Journal

"The twists and turns of the story keep the reader guessing along a path
that becomes a surprising and satisfying circle."
Sandra McDonald, author of The Stars Blue Yonder

"Not your average male-dominated pseudo-mediaeval fantasy."
Jenny Blackford, author and critic
Cover art (c)
Art Thibert,
Geoff Trebs,
Book specifications:
Title: The Northern Queen
Author: Kim Vandervort
Book details: forthcoming
Dimensions: 9" x 6"
Publisher: Hadley Rille Books
Available November 12, 2010
TWO SHORT YEARS have passed since Princess Ki'leah Alrhiane
Del'Sivahr solved the ancient riddle that prevented Lyarra Val'rahimir
from gaining a dangerous foothold on Si'vad—hardly enough time to
prepare for the responsibilities of ruling a kingdom. Nevertheless, with
her mother ailing from the same illness that felled her father, Ki'leah must
assume her birthright as Queen of Si'vad.  
Adjusting to her new role amidst a whirlwind of court politics, scheming
nobles and marriage proposals is difficult enough, but soon Ki'leah must
also contend with a series of unforeseen events and tragedies that test
the limits of her endurance.  Through it all, Ki'leah must question whom
to trust, as circumstances lead her to doubt the loyalty of those closest
to her.  When evidence reaches her of an ancient threat gathering on
her southern border, Ki'leah is forced to make a difficult and dangerous
choice: one that could irrevocably alter the futures of everything—and
everyone—she holds dear.
Map of Sildehna Copyright (c) Ginger Prewitt
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
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