Eric T. Reynolds, Editor/Publisher, Hadley Rille Books.  Eric has edited over twenty
highly-acclaimed anthologies, collections and novels, and has had short fiction published
in several small press publications.  He has also had several non-fiction articles
published about space exploration history and history of technology.  Visit his
blog for
up-to-date happenings with Hadley Rille Books.  Member of SFWA and Broad Universe.
Gerri Leen, Editor, Renaissance Festival Tales (2010), A Quiet Shelter There (2012).  
Gerri has published short fiction in numerous places including the
Star Trek(R) Strange
New World
anthology series and in other anthologies and magazines.  Visit her website  
blog, where she regularly posts about science fiction and reports about weekend
horseracing events.  Her debut collection
Life Without Crows was released June 2010.
Z.S. (Sophy) Adani, Guest Editor, Destination: Future.  Sophy has published short
fiction in several magazines and anthologies, including
Warrior Wisewomen 2, The Book
of Exodi
, and two from Hadley Rille Books.  She is a graduate of the James Gunn Writers
workshop.  Visit her
website or her blog, where she often posts about anything and
everything science fiction.  Her debut collection
The Last Outpost and Other Tales is due
to be released June 2011.
Jay Lake, Guest Editor, Footprints.  Jay has authored several highly-acclaimed novels
including his latest,
Green.  He has edited or co-edited numerous anthologies.  He won
the Campbell Award for Best New Writer and has been nominated for the Hugo and
World Fantasy awards.  Visit his
website  or his blog for his popular daily link salad posts.
Kim Vandervort, Fantasy Editor.  Kim has published several short stories, and her
debut novel
The Song and the Sorceress was released in 2009 to critical acclaim.  The
The Northern Queen, was released November 2010, also to critical acclaim.  Kim
is on the English faculty at the University of California, Fullerton. Visit her
website  or her
where she posts about writing, and occasionally comments on the fun challenges of
Hadley Rille Books was founded in 2005 by Eric T. Reynolds to publish Science Fiction stories with an
emphasis on space, archaeology, climate and other science-related topics, with a goal to bring a new
sense of adventure of the Universe to the reader.  We publish
well-known writers as well as new and
emerging authors and we work with a number of professional artists.  In 2008 we published our first fantasy
anthology, and in 2009 our first fantasy novel.  In 2009 we began the "archaeology" series of
archaeologically-correct historical novels.
Fantasy * Science Fiction * Archaeological * Historical
Terri-Lynne DeFino, Fantasy Editor.  Terri-Lynne is a fantasy writer living in rural New
England; her debut novel
Finder was published by Hadley Rille Books, November 2010.
She attended the 2006 Viable Paradise X workshop, where she studied with Teresa
Nielsen Hayden, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Laura Mixon, Steven Gould, Debra Doyle,
James Macdonald, James Patrick Kelly, and Cory Doctorow. Currently living in rural
Connecticut with her family, her cats, and the various magical creatures that end up in
her stories, or on her walls, you can find follow her at her
Dora Furlong, Editor. Dora is a multi-genre writer, but particularly enjoys Speculative
Fiction. In addition to anthropology, she studied science fiction and fantasy at Central
Michigan University, learned about writing and the publishing industry at Academy of Art
University, and studied various editing and writing techniques from Margie Lawson. She
served an internship with TSR and taught science fiction writing workshops to high
school students as part of the Early Start program at Central Michigan University.
Ginger Prewitt, Illustrator.  Ginger is a teacher on special assignment for the
Corona-Norco Unified School district who moonlights as an artist, illustrator and writer
when not training teachers.  She has created maps for several Hadley Rille authors,
including Kim Vandervort, Terri-Lynne DeFino, and Karin Gastreich.  In between
teaching, illustrating, and writing, Ginger spends time with her husband and
four-year-old son in Eastvale, California.
Melissa Lytton, Graphic Designer.  Melissa is a freelance writer, graphic designer,
and model based in Lenexa, Kansas, who specializes in projects with an alternative
lifestyle slant. She won the Edgar Wolfe Award for her short story "Operator" in 2010
and was the University of Kansas's first Science Fiction Scholar. Examples of her work
and additional information can be found at  Photo
credit: Keri Sartain.
Erin Bolton, Publicist.  Erin is a writer, and has worked in the publishing industry for
years.  She coordinates Hadley Rille Books events and leads marketing projects for the
company and for individual authors and their books.  She can be reached through the
contact email address.