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"Faire Aria" a novelette by Kim Vandervort
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Renaissance Festival Romance Fantasy
Publishers Weekly: "Delightful little romance . . . Kim Vandervort’s ‘Faire Aria’ sweetly pairs a
dubious visitor and one of the Faire’s denizens."
"Cupid For a Day" a novelette by Julia Dvorin
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Kindle for 99 cents.

Renaissance Festival Romance Fantasy
A Novelette of Infatuation, Love, and Magic Gone Wrong at the Renaissance Faire. From
PUBLISHERS WEEKLY: “This will help nostalgic ‘rennies’ make it through the cold winter months...”
"Taking Care of Old Burt" a short story by Eric T. Reynolds
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Science fiction. Post apocalyptic robot on the Moon cares for an old hermit in an abandoned lunar
colony. Robot has headed out to the old mine field to search for some needed parts, but how will
the old hermit react to those?
"The Librarian of Talimbourne" a short story by Kim Vandervort
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Fantasy. On the eve of her initiation as the young new Librarian of Talimbourne, Yraine discovers
an ancient secret buried deep beneath the foundations of the Library. Curiosity quickly becomes
obsession, until she is forced to choose between satisfying her curiosity and upholding her duty to
safekeep Talimbourne's darkest secrets. "The Librarian of Talimbourne" is a short story set in the
same world as the fantasy novel series by Kim Vandervort,
The Song and the Sorceress and The
Northern Queen, available from Amazon and bookstores.
Short Stories and Novelettes Ebooks
"Creatures of Light" a short story by Karin Rita Gastreich
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Fantasy Romance. Meet Selenia, a brilliant and ruthless woman scientist, and her lover Nicolas,
intrepid explorer of uncharted lands. Together, they bring a world of wonder to the port of
Talagna, but not without exacting a price. Dare to follow this unconventional romance in a brutal
and gaudy age. Dare to discover Creatures of Light.
"Toto's Anti-Aging Machine" a short story by Galit Dahan-Carlibach
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Science fiction. She's seventeen and tired of all the career advice for what to do with her tall
stature. And there's her inventor father who refuses to get a "real" job, resulting in endless
bickering with her mother over finances.